'I Love Sports' Bundle (ages 10-13)

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'I Love Sports' Bundle (ages 10-13) - 4 Chapter books

For readers that love sports and adventures, this bundle features a variety of stories based on sports such us basketball, tennis and baseball.

Rita, Tenista

Rita has a great secret: she wants to be a great music star! She has not told anyone, but everything is complicated when her parents decide to surprise her and point her to tennis classes. Since when do singers play racket? What a mess! How will you get out of it and beat the regional champion? And most importantly: will you fulfill your dream of performing in front of thousands of fans?

Mi hermano derecha

This is the story of a boy with the potential to be the fastest ball pitcher of all time. And to tell you about that extraordinary talent it is necessary to talk about the hand with which he launches: his right hand ... my brother. That's right, I am the left hand of a right-handed child. No, it's not a joke, your narrator is a hand, as well as yours that now hold this book.


La revolución de los balones

Pablo doesn't like to play basketball, he doesn't even know what he likes very well, but they force him to be on the team.
Abril loves basketball, but at the new school there is no girls' team, and no girls on the teams.
They have to do something. And they also know that they are not alone.